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What a Stephen Curry Wallpaper Should Say

If you have been seeking a Stephen Curry wallpaper, you have to read this article. Any Stephen Curry wallpaper should include important information about this NBA MVP. Now, we are going to talk a little bit about Stephen Curry and the things that any decent Stephen Curry wallpaper should have. You will also find out that Stephen Curry has a heart of gold.

Outstanding Auction

Stephen Curry just auctioned one of his pair of shoes. He collected around $20,000 from this auction, which also generated 150 bids. This is truly an amazing feat for any basketball star out there. Stephen Curry is going to use the funds to help people in need these days. Stephen Curry is a Golden State Warriors`s star that has been taking the world of basketball by storm in America these days. Any Stephen Curry wallpaper should highlight this fact, as Stephen Curry is truly here to stay for a long time.

Stephen Curry wants to help many victims of the famous Oakland warehouse fire. The star teamed up with many local artists and just had two pairs of shoes designed for the auction. Curry just wore the shoes in a recent game against the powerful New York Knicks. These shoes had the words “Oakland Strong” just printed on them, which is truly amazing too. During practice, Curry wore other shoes with the sign “Ghost Ship” just printed on them, Warriors officials said. These shoes also had the 38 victims` initials just printed on them. The fire just broke out December 2 when a dance party was at full fledge at the famous Ghost Ship warehouse.


Stephen Curry wore these those on-court so he could auction them off to get money for the famous Oakland Fire Relief fund. He wore one of the shoes during the warm-ups of the pre-game time, and next he just wore the other pair on-court during the actual match. The auction run for 10 days on eBay. The Warriors star was just devastated because of the tragedy that caused the loss of many lives in Oakland, most of the young. He also wanted to raise awareness about the relief effort that Oakland has been carrying out.

Stephen Curry wanted to further assist the victims of the fire with the auction. He has a true heart of gold, and Oakland should appreciate with this basketball player has been doing for the victims of this tragedy. The designs for the shoes were created by KreativeCustomKicks and DezCustomz as commissioned by the start just in partnership with the famous Under Armour. The initials of the victims can also be found on both shoes. The phrase “ALWAYS REMEMBER” is also put on the bottom of these shoes. The important Oakland Fire Relief will get the funds that come from this auction.

As you can see, any Stephen Curry wallpaper should point out this amazing auction that Stephen Curry carried out this month. He is truly committed to helping the families of the victims of the Oklahoma disaster, and we are truly proud of him. This disaster is another tragedy that we need to face with all the fortitude that we can muster these days as well.

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